When determining the best way to invest your hard-earned money, it can feel overwhelming to pinpoint the highest return on investment coupled with low volatility and an ongoing retirement income.  The options are virtually endless ranging from countless mutual funds and the stock market, to buying whisky in bulk and owning shares in funds like the Mexican Whisky Investment Fund.  This particular fund, through Licor Zone SA de CV, offers investors the unique opportunity to participate in the booming whisky investment market with a diversified portfolio of Mexican whisky brands.

Read on to see why the Mexican Whisky Investment Fund is the clear choice for investors who are looking for a safe, proven, income-producing investment that will beat the stock market and offer ongoing income for retirement (or whatever else you decide to spend it on). Here’s a simple breakdown covering some of the pros and cons of either investing in the stock market, owning income-producing investment real estate, or becoming a shareholder in the Mexican Whisky Investment Fund.


Over time, the stock market experiences much greater volatility than real commodities.  There are too many instances of sudden crippling losses that have ruined lives and forced investors to work well into their golden years. Commodities are appealing because they are predictable assets that offer a hedge against inflation, as well as the ability to earn consistent income from whisky sales worldwide.  Commodities are typically as liquid as stocks or mutual funds but often require a more hands-on approach from investors who must also act as brand ambassadors.  In contrast, the Mexican Whisky Investment Fund offers greater protection from volatility than other types of commodities along with a long list of perks that simply can’t be found in any other investment. For example, shareholder assets are 100% secured against the value of the bulk whisky itself. Also, there is zero debt to factor since all distilling equipment and raw material costs are paid for in cash.


There are endless investment properties, stocks, and mutual funds to choose from, but there is only one Mexican Whisky Investment Fund which offers the ownership of shares in luxury branded Mexican whisky with a proven track record of success! In addition, it’s important to note that this type of investment is typically only available for high net worth individuals and financial institutions, making the Mexican Whisky Fund one of the most innovative ways to invest in whisky futures currently available worldwide. It ties an investment in an appreciating asset with a reliable income in a 100% secure, recession-proof, and diversified whisky portfolio


Another exciting aspect of the Mexican Whisky Investment Fund, compared to investing in other types of commodities, stocks or mutual funds, lies in the fact that fund shareholders are part of an elite family of luxury branded Mexican Whisky such as Williamson 18, Paddington, and Imperial Famous. As the brands grow, so does your investment!


All types of investments can provide essential portfolio diversification that aren’t offered with stocks and mutual funds.  Also, by paying cash for the best corn, barley, and distilling equipment, the fund incurs zero debt during development and is therefore insulated from market fluctuation to a greater degree. Pairing your existing dividend-producing stock market investments with shares in this fund offers incredible diversification that will help grow income and appreciate capital.


Unlike the stock market, most commodities provide protection from inflation.  For this reason, the Mexican Whisky Investment Fund offers even greater protection from inflation than other types of investments since whisky values typically increase even when inflation is high


Investing in the Mexican Whisky Investment Fund offers exclusive rights in the Mexican whisky market since Licor Zone SA de CV is the only Mexican distiller authorized to produce Mexican whisky in Mexico. 


It is important to reiterate that all commodities in the Mexican Whisky Investment Fund are completely debt-free, making it one of the safest investments worldwide. In fact, when done correctly, investing in Mexican whisky is a sure way to achieve financial freedom and secure a constant income with an absolute minimum level of risk. The fund was designed specifically for investors who are sick of stock market uncertainty and need a steady income… thus, providing a way to make your money work harder for you!


Since the fund pays cash for all raw materials, corn, barley, distilling equipment and other development costs, shareholders enjoy instant equity when they become part of the Mexican Whisky family.  During the development phase, equity increases proportionately to the rise in value when each distilling pot opens for business… to the tune of at least a 30% increase in value after construction is complete.  Best of all, this will only continue to expand as the Mexican whisky category grows, meaning those who invest early will naturally have the opportunity to earn far greater returns over time.


Another very attractive aspect of the Mexican Whisky Investment Fund is the fact that shareholders get to earn a secure and proven consistent income of up to 8%.  This can provide a better retirement and alleviate the stress of managing wealth. Factoring inflation, the stock market is lucky to provide a paltry 4-5% return over time, which is definitely not enough to rest easy. In contrast, the Mexican Whisky Fund pays yearly distributions to income-focused investors, taking the guesswork out of planning for retirement.  Could you afford to retire earlier knowing you can rely on a consistent ROI of up to 8% with the possibility of earning much more?


Since Mexican whisky futures appreciate at a premium rate, the fund also outperforms other forms of investment.  It offers a premium level of both income and appreciation. In addition, shareholders are subjected to the potential for even more significant appreciation at the end of the holding period.


The Mexican Whisky Collection has a proven track record of incredible success exporting premium branded whisky worldwide. Our professional management team has the knowledge and expertise to deliver a premium experience for customers, ensuring a high rate of satisfaction and complete transparency for shareholders, including full monthly reporting. As a distiller and liquor distributor, we can offer tremendous opportunities that are simply not available for everyday investors.


Our professional management team allows Mexican Whisky Investment Fund Shareholders to bypass the many headaches that typically come with commodities investing, including maintenance, marketing, accounting, selling and book-keeping responsibilities.  The Mexican Whisky Collection finds the customers, negotiates and closes the deals, constructs, markets, and operates each distillery in Mexico, allowing shareholders to earn income with No Worry and No Hassle.


Unlike most other investments or any stock market opportunity, The Mexican Whisky Collection is a member of the Mexican Whisky Association,which protects an exclusive group of whisky makers in Mexico.


Shares in the Mexican Whisky Investment Fund can be purchased using money from IRA accounts, presenting a smart investment with zero tax implications.  It’s easy to open a Self-Directed IRA account and simply roll over money from a traditional or Roth IRA to buy shares of the fund that will be held in the new Self-Directed IRA account. This move provides the opportunity to earn consistent tax-deferred income for retirement and can also be used to invest money currently held in a 401k, along with some other employer-sponsored retirement accounts.


Finally, it’s important to understand that shareholders who invest early in the Mexican Whisky Investment Fund will ultimately enjoy much higher returns than investors who wait. When becoming a shareholder, the money invested is assigned to a specific distilling tower that is still under construction.  Until that unit is open for production, your money will earn a fixed 5% annual Internal Rate of Return.  When a given distillery opens to the public, you will start to receive your share of all profits made by the Fund’s entire portfolio of distilleries, which is conservatively estimated to be a 7-8% annual return on investment that continues indefinitely, along with at least an 8% rate of appreciation according to conservative estimates.

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