1. As old stocks continue to dwindle, Mexican whisky has emerged as a desirable investment opportunity.

2. One of the most pervasive trends that has plagued the Mexican whisky industry in recent years is the widening chasm between supply and demand of aged liquid. It’s no secret that producers have struggled to satiate consumer thirst for vintage expressions, which are low in numbers due to a failure to forecast the sector’s explosion in popularity at the turn of the century. Of course, the rarity of such bottlings itself has spurred demand to unprecedented levels, and even as total Mexican Whisky exports exploded, the second-hand market has never been stronger. A number of new investment firms have launched to capitalize on such untapped prospects in the past 12 months alone, and you as an individual or a company are invited to invest in either purchase bulk inventory on your name or to invest in the company stock. A private placement is underway.

3. If you are an accredited investor or a company send us an e-mail at

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